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products of jonoob gypsum are distributed in different types depending on application,as follows

Interior Gatch :

The gatch is used for the horseshoe arches and lining walls in different directions properly and is introduced into two following types with its exceptional solidity :
1 – Gatch and soil ready to be used .
2 – Usual gatch .
The first one was produced for the first time in Iran to facilitate the duties Jonoob Gatch Products users and needs no expense and time to prepare the soil and mix it with gatch powder and the second one is special to the users who use gatch powder without mixing it with soil .

khoshkar gypsum(normal or powder qypsum)

This type of gypsum,with rapid setting and exceptional strength is used for arching the ceilings and lining the walls.In fact,masons and construction workers use it more rapidly and more easily.

Adge gypsum(coating or micronized gypsum)

Adge gypsum with special granulation and physical and chemical properties,is produced white colored.It is long setting and coincides with international standards.This type of micronized gypsum is produced with modern equipment of jonoub gypsum co. and is used for coating,gypsum decorations ,medicine ,sculpturing and production of chalk.

Divareh(prefabricated gypsum walls)

Gypsum blocks of jonoub gypsum Co, They are produced with the name Divareh.They are much lighter, cheaper and stronger than a 10 Cm, brick wall.its numerous advantages that are produced with international standard have made it the alternative to construction walls.It is produced in 8* 66.5 *50 Cm.dimensions and an approximate weight of about 81 kg.


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