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O my god! only you deserve blssing since it was only you who made us able to serve people. Jonoub maching processed gypsum is a group consisting of manufacturing and service companies working on gypsum production in Iran and international markets with a longrecord so that it responded to the needs of the construction from the beginning. A quarter century experience of production by this co. has built up on the credit of Iranian construction industry.

The founder ,managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Co. Haj Ali rouin Ahli at the time being, has been founder of Ahli construction Co. and among famous architects at larestan District, Fars province, before investing in gypsum industry. Since he always felt lack of a gypsum processing industry in Southern Iran in the construction sector,he established a traditional style gypsum production unit in Fars province in1928 but due to low quality and low capacity,technological costs and a proportion of the product being wasted,he recognized the traditional method of production as non economic and registered an Industrial Gypsum production unit.      

gypsum or calcium sulfate mine, transfe cutting ,preparation and various other stages,is changed into gypsum powder and after passing quality control section, is distributed as construction gypsum chalk , etc.,in various types and packages. At the present ,this Co. with a capability of production more than 1000 metrice tons per day, has been able to change itself from its commencement, from a local Co to a famous co in the contry level and many countries in the region.

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